Cafe’ Restaurant Reviews – Houston, New York, Seattle USA

Chanterelle Mushroom and Truffles Brick Oven Pizza at "Serious Pie", Seattle, WA USA

Hi Susitna Cafe’ Friends!  Today we’re discussing eating out…we sure do enjoy a good meal here at the Cafe’, but sometimes we enjoy eating out too.  Don’t you?

It’s sooo exciting when we experience a delicious restaurant meal, but it’s oh so disappointing when we eat a poorly executed meal.  So, we think it’s important to share our eating out experiences with you so that we can all leverage upon one another’s knowledge.

The Susitna Cafe’ Chronicles has recently partnered with Urban Spoon, and we’re now documenting our restaurant reviews on the Urban Spoon website.  Susitna Cafe’ restaurant reviews may be found by clicking on the “Visit Us on Urbanspoon” photo logo on the main Susitna Cafe’ Chronicles webpage…see for yourself our reviews on restaurants in Houston, Texas…New York, New York…and, Seattle, Washington USA.

We’re updating our restaurant reviews frequently, so be sure to visit our UrbanSpoon Susitna Cafe’ restaurant reviews page often to get the latest information.

By the way, have you had a good or bad restaurant experience you’d like to share with our Susitna Cafe’ friends?  If so, feel free to provide comments here on our “Cafe’ Restaurant Reviews” post.  Cheers!


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2 responses to “Cafe’ Restaurant Reviews – Houston, New York, Seattle USA

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  2. gracie

    wow! that pizza looks great

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