Travel Destinations…

Tasty Fusspots Grocer - London (Kensington), United Kingdom

Hi!  We’re glad you’ve stopped by the Susitna Cafe’ today!  We’re sooo excited to tell you about something new we’ve added to the Susitna Cafe’ Chronicles!

We now have a reference page called “Destinations”.  We’ve organized all of our posts by country, and if the post is written about a location within the U. S., we’ve organized the post by state.  Sooo, this means that if you enjoy food AND TRAVEL, you can now select a “Destinations” location, then select a topic of interest for that location and learn about it.

If you’re thinking about planning a trip, you can get ideas for your trip from the “Destinations” page!  Or, if you’re an armchair traveler, you can read and actively take part in a “Destinations” page trip right in the comfort of your own home!

Waiting for Patachous to Open - Paris (Montmarte), France

We’re excited to share this information with you because we enjoy both food AND TRAVEL, and we often find that the best travel information comes right from our Susitna Cafe’ friends.  In fact, why not leave some comments about your travel experiences on the “Destinations” page and share your knowledge with others at the Cafe’?  Cheers!



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2 responses to “Travel Destinations…

  1. gracie

    i love this idea! Where are we going next?

  2. well…it’s such a big world and there’s soooo much to explore…so, let’s think Paris? Alaska? Chicago ;o) maybe even Russia for now :o)

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