Cafe’ Menu Gallery – Spring

Guess what Susitna Cafe’ friends!  Did I tell you?  We have a new Susitna Cafe’ menu.  The menu is a collection of recipe favorites inspired by travel (of course) and gardening!

Just click on the “Cafe’ Menu Gallery” tab and take a peak for yourself!  There’s an aromatic lamb and artichoke tangine…some spring picnic foods including apple pie and a lemony herb potato salad…an al fresco bean salad…and a very delicious Thai curry.  Go ahead and browse the menu for now, and I’ll be back to take your order :o.



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2 responses to “Cafe’ Menu Gallery – Spring

  1. picturinganchorage

    Love your blog and glad you liked mine (Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska – I’m here incognito under the name of my other blog). Your pictures are lovely and you definitely cook my kind of food: fresh, good ingredients and lots of flavor! It’s nice to “meet” you.

    • Ooohh! I like your incognito blog too! We are walkers and runners, so we appreciate your documenting Anchorage trails. Most of the time, we run along the Coastal Trail, but now we’ll be sure to follow some of your wonderfully documented routes. Thanks for visiting us at the Cafe’!

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